Veneers: A Quick and Easy Solution for More Smile Flaws Than You Realize

A confident smile imparts a positive image both personally and professionally. But if you have discolored teeth, gaps, a gummy smile or other oral flaws, you likely avoid flashy your pearly whites. However, remedying these and many other dental issues may be easier than you think, thanks to porcelain veneers.

At Willow Glen Dentistry in San Jose, CA John M Pisacane, DMD offers a wide array of cosmetic dental procedures. Among the most versatile are dental veneers.

Understanding how veneers work

Veneers are ultra-thin shells that are permanently affixed to the surface of your teeth to conceal a variety of imperfections. They're made of porcelain or resin composite and look amazingly natural. That’s because they are custom-made and tinted to match the contour and color of your natural teeth.

Before affixing xing the veneer to your tooth, Dr. Pisacane first removes a tiny amount of your existing tooth enamel. This ensures that the veneer lays flush with your other teeth.

Dr. Pisacane has improved countless smiles with veneers. They are incredibly versatile. Among the most common issues veneers are used to correct are:

1. Discoloration

Teeth whitening can be an easy fix for stains but doesn’t work for all types. If for example, you have internal tooth discoloration from a root canal, a veneer can restore a tooth’s appearance by covering it up. Another benefit: veneers are stain resistant!

2. Cracks and chips

If you damage a front tooth, a veneer offers both durable protection and aesthetic correction. Dr. Pisacane can either place a single veneer over your damaged tooth or on all of your front teeth for a total smile makeover.

3. Fill in gaps

Not all gaps require years of orthodonture to fix. Instead, custom veneers can hide unwanted spaces and improve your smile in just one or two office visits.

4. Misshapen teeth or misalignments

Sometimes your teeth just don’t look the way you want. They may be oddly shaped, uneven or misaligned. In such cases, veneers can often be used to camouflage these issues quickly.

5. Wear and tear

When your teeth are worn down, they negatively impact more than just your appearance. Teeth that are worn down are often extra sensitive, leaving you more vulnerable to chips, cracks, and breaks. Veneers offer both a cosmetic fix and protection.

To learn whether veneers can easily fix your smile flaws, call Willow Glen Dentistry or book an appointment online.

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