Dental crowns are more common than you might think. In fact, the number of Americans with dental crowns is on the rise. According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, 15 million people in the United States have crowns put in place of missing teeth. The team at Willow Glen Dentistry are highly trained professionals that can explain your crown options. Call (408) 293-9600 or make an appointment online if you suspect you may need a new crown or crown repair. Willow Glen Dentistry is conveniently located in San Jose, California.

What is a dental crown?

A crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” that’s used to cover a damaged or weak tooth. It’s shaped to look like the natural tooth and can enhance its strength and appearance. The crown fits over the tooth and is cemented into place so that the original tooth is completely encased.

Why would I need a crown?

There are a number of reasons Willow Glen Dentistry’s knowledgeable team might recommend a crown. A crown can cover a strangely-shaped or dark tooth or a dental implant.

A crown can do more than improve the appearance of a tooth. It can also protect and hold together a weak tooth. Teeth with large fillings and little natural tooth remaining are especially susceptible to breaking, but a crown can prevent this from happening.

Many patients are great candidates for dental crowns, for both cosmetic and restorative reasons. Whether you need a crown to fix the appearance of a tooth or strengthen a weak tooth, a dental crown can protect teeth for years to come.

What is a one-visit crown?

A one-visit crown is precisely that: a crown that only requires you to make one visit to the dentist

The old process of getting a crown can be a lengthy one that requires multiple trips to the dentist. At your first appointment, your dentist files down your tooth, takes impressions of it, and then sends it out to a lab to be milled. You have to wear an uncomfortable temporary crown for 2-3 weeks while you wait for an outside lab to mill the crown, after which, you have to return to your dentist’s office to place it, seal it, and adjust it. Sometimes, the crown doesn’t fit, and you have to wait even longer while the outside lab fixes it.

Thankfully, Willow Glen Dentistry offers one-visit crowns, where the entire process, from filing to adjustment, can be completed in under 2 hours. The team at Willow Glen Dentistry will quickly and easily take a digital impression of your tooth, which is then inputted into a CAD-CAM machine, allowing them to see how the crown will fit into your mouth in a 3D display. After adjustments are made digitally, the virtual impression will be sent to an in-office milling machine, where your crown will be printed and ready to use. From there, the process is exactly the same as getting a traditional crown.

Getting a dental crown can be a simple, easy process. To discuss your crown options, contact the experienced team at Willow Glen Dentistry or make an appointment online.